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Staff Emails

      ●  Administrative Director, Phil Younts, pyounts@floridacamps.org (Click Here to Contact)

      ●  Operations Manager, Byron Voorheis, operations@campkulaqua.com (Click Here to Contact)

Reservations, Marketing & Sales
      ● Manager, Melissa Rivera, melissas@campkulaqua.com (Click Here to Contact)
      ● Sales Assistant, Valerie Adams, Salesassistant@campkulaqua.com (Click Here to Contact)

Reservations, Event Planning & Event Registration
      ● Event Planning & Event Registration Manager, Stacy Stride, sdaretreats@campkulaqua.com (Click Here to Contact)
      ● Event Coordinator, Bryan Langston, bryanl@campkulaqua.com (Click Here to Contact)
      ● Event Coordinator, Gio Rodriguez, gior@campkulaqua.com (Click Here to Contact)

Summer Camp & Year-Round Programming
      ●  Year Round Programming Director, Theresa Stride, theresas@campkulaqua.com
          (Click Here to Contact)
      ●  Year Round Programming Assistant, Jennifer Anfinsen, summercamp@campkulaqua.com
          (Click Here to Contact)
      ●  Event Registration Manager, Stacy Stride, sdaretreats@campkulaqua.com (Click Here to Contact)

Housekeeping/Lost & Found
      ●  Director Div. I, Crissy Lofing, clofing@campkulaqua.com (Click Here to Contact)
      ●  Director Div. II, Damian Graham, dgraham@campkulaqua.com (Click Here to Contact)

Food Service
      ●  Food Service Director, Armando Valenzuela, kitchen@campkulaqua.com (Click Here to Contact)

River Ranch Water Park
Activities & Aquatics Manager, Zachary Stewart, aquatics@campkulaqua.com (Click Here to Contact)

IT & A/V
Director, Charles Trescott, charlest@campkulaqua.com (Click Here to Contact)

Property Services
      ●  Director of Property Services,  propertyservice@campkulaqua.com
          (Click Here to Contact)

      ●  Director of Building Maintenance, Michael Hopkins, maintenance@campkulaqua.com
          (Click Here to Contact)

      ●  Volunteer Coordinator, volunteer@campkulaqua.com
          (Click Here to Contact)

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