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Q: How will the drive thru operate?
A: You will be welcomed in as early as 5:30 in your vehicle, where you will remain for the program's entirety. At the start of your group, you will be led by a golf cart to each scene, spread throughout camp. Tune in to the provided radio station for the full scene experience.

Q: How long is the drive thru program?
A: We ask attendees to plan for 40 minutes from the start of the first scene to the conclusion of the last. This does not include expected wait times.\

Q: What time will gates open?
A: The program begins at 6:00pm and gates will open for lining up at 5:30pm each evening

Q: How will a scene be a live production and a drive thru?
A: We cannot wait to experience this with you! We've combined music with our live actors, in combination with outdoor sounds and scenes. It's quite the ensemble! You will be led to be in Bethlehem, with taxes being collected, the village merchants trading around you, with the nativity scene play out before you, and the unfolding of Jesus' life in live production.

Q: Can we reserve tickets?
A: We are opening this up to everyone and will provide a first come first serve basis with a non-ticketed event.

Q: I'm not comfortable interacting with people at this time; what safety measures are in place?
A: Our actors will be at quite a distance from your vehicle, with a more broad performance provided. Should you choose to roll down your windows during the performances for the full ambience, you will have a distance from the actors.

Q: How much is this event?
A: It's free! It is our gift to you this Christmas season 


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