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Ready to take a "Leap of Faith"?

Girl leaping off the Tower of Faith, Camp Kulaqua Retreat & Conference Center, FL

We saw God in action on the tower of faith, our new challenge tower. A girl camper, 12 year old, was trying to do the leap of faith, the 40 foot power fan drop, but she could not bring herself to do this even though the counselor tried to encourage her. He said why don't you step back and watch some other people step off and then maybe you'll be able to have enough faith to take the leap. She backed up and waited and watched as her friends stepped off, but when asked to try again she could still not take the leap. She mustered up the courage to try once more, but this time the counselor tried something different, he said "let's just kneel down right here on the tower deck and pray that God will help you to have faith." They knelt down and prayed, right after the young camper stood up and leaped right off of the tower. She learned that though we may face challenges in our lives, God helps us overcome by having faith in Him, in the book of Joshua He tells us to “be strong and courageous.”  She will definitely remember her summer camp experience and how by trusting in God we can overcome anything.

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  • Comment by caroline seignon on Tuesday, July 7, 2015

    interested in a retreat on labor day weekend.

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