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COVID-19 Protocols


Check In's & Departures – 

Camper check-in is on your designated Sunday from 1:00pm-3:00pm. This year we will be providing a drive-up check in experience. Click here for a diagram. Upon entering camp, you will be directed by our staff members to our field by the Gymnasium, where you will remain in your car until your turn to enter the gym. We will ask you to proceed to a parking space and enter the gymnasium with your camper(s) and their medications. Our stations will be inside the gymnasium and spaced out on the floor. 

*Insider info - if you plan to arrive at or before 1:00pm, please prepare for an hour wait to be checked in. We have over 150 families to serve and will do our best to get you to the cabins as quickly as possible. 

We will be conducting a prescreening upon arrival with a questionaire and temperature check of each camper, as well as lice and symptom checks. In addition, please self monitor a few days prior and if you or your camper should develop symptoms before your camp, please stay home and cancel your reservation.

Fever policy now does not allow campers with a temperature of 100.4 or higher to stay at camp. Should your camper express signs of sickness or hold a fever, we will ask you to pickup your child immediately from the camp. Camp Kulaqua reserves the right not to admit individuals who show signs of illness, or have temperature of 100.4F or higher.

Once you exit the gym, you will take your camper(s) to their cabin. 

Masks & When to wear them – 

Masks are not required to be worn, and is a personal choice that is respected at Camp Kulaqua .

We look forward to seeing you and your family!

Theresa Stride, Summer Camp Director
and Camp Kulaqua Staff


Camp Kulaqua

Below are Camp Kulaqua’s covid protocols for the summer of 2022 based upon local health department & state of Florida recommendations. The following reflects our currently plans of operation for campers and staff for the 2022 camping season, with the understanding that local county conditions could change which would then require us to adjust our protocols.

  • A health screening of temperature and symptoms will be taken of each camper.
    We ask our families to be diligent in checking for symptoms and to keep your child home if they are sick.
  • Masks will not be required for campers and staff at Camp Kulaqua’s summer of 2022. For campers and/or staff who prefer to wear a mask, it is a personal choice that is respected.
  • Disinfecting and sanitizing will continue to be a priority in all areas of camp. Stations for hand sanitizer are located throughout camp.
  • Check in will be 1:00pm-3:00pm, with a drive thru check in experience. You will be asked to wait in your car while our staff direct the line, and families will enter the gym individually. 
  • Youth campers showing signs of sickness (holding fever, vomiting, cold-like symptoms) will be quarantined and parents will be asked to pick up their camper immediately, according to our communicable disease plan. Should Covid-19 be suspected in your camper, they will be asked to wear a mask during interactions with our camp staff while parents have the option of the following:
    • Symptomatic camper is picked up and tested by the parent. If negative, camper can return to camp after 24 hours of being symptom free.
    • Symptomatic camper can be taken to a local clinic and rapid tested for Covid-19 or an on-site rapid test issued by the camp nurse (parent’s consent necessary)
      • If a camper tests positive for Covid-19, they will no longer remain at camp. Campers in their cabin will be notified that a child in their cabin has tested positive for Covid-19, and parents of the cabin have the following options:
        • Your camper stays at camp and nurse monitors for symptoms accordingly. Should symptoms appear in your child, we will follow the above protocols mentioned
        • Parent requests Camp Kulaqua to test their camper via rapid test, in the local clinic or using on-site rapid test by a camp nurse (parent consent necessary)
        • Parent picks up child and returns home, understanding there are no refunds given for the removal from camp.
  • If a staff member shows signs and symptoms of COVID 19 they will be isolated until a Covid test can be administered.

Our priority is your child’s wellness in all areas - physical, mental, and spiritual. If you have any issues with the above protocols, we understand and can assist you in the cancelation of your reservation. While we hope to have all of our campers attend, we also recognize the need for each family to make the best choices they can for THEIR home, and respect the decision you make.

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