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2024 New Policies and Changes

Our new cancellation policy in effect for 2024 season. As we try and be fair to as many as we can, our goal is offering the opportunity for campers to attend to as many as possible, and this requires us to adopt a stricter deadline policy. 

Any cancellations should be reported immediately by email or phone in order to give other campers an opportunity to attend. The $75 Deposit per camper is non-refundable and non-transferable on the date it is paid. All balances are due 14 days prior to your reservation/camp session date.  After this date all reservations are final and there will be no refunds. Within 13 days of your reservation (if it has a balance), your original card will be charged the full amount. There are no refunds for “no shows.” If a balance is on the reservation and we cannot reach you within the deadline of camp to collect the balance, your reservation will be cancelled to allow other campers the opportunity to attend. 


Multi Week Registration Changes:

At Camp Kulaqua, we aim to provide an inclusive and enriching experience for all campers while considering various factors that contribute to their well-being and the overall camp community. With this objective in mind, we have revised our camp attendance policy for junior and teen campers, effective 2024 season

Cub Campers - Due to the age of Cub Campers and in an effort to have the best experience possible, Cub Campers may not attend back to back weeks. Cub campers who wish to attend two weeks of camp may sign up for week 1 and 3. If back to back sessions are desired, and they have experience in camp, an interview with the Summer Camp Director will be necessary to request an exception.

Junior & Teen Campers -

  1. Maximum Attendance Duration: Junior and teen campers are welcome to attend up to two weeks of camp. A third consecutive week will no longer be an option for these campers.
  2. Reasoning behind the Policy: This decision has been made after careful consideration of several factors. Firstly, we strive to create opportunities for a larger number of campers to partake in our programs. Limiting the stay to two weeks enables us to accommodate a more campers. Additionally, we acknowledge the potential physical toll on campers who stay away from home for extended periods. This policy aims to balance the benefits of camp experiences with the need for rest and recharge.

While we understand that this might be disappointing, we are pleased to offer your Junior & Teen campers the option to attend for two weeks. We believe that this adjustment will still provide a fulfilling and enriching camp experience.

We recognize the inconvenience to those with multi-age children and are doing all we can to improve your young child’s time at camp. Our experience with campers of this young of an age in a general sense do best by returning to home for a break and rest. 

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