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What Parents, Kids, & Staff Say About CK

Our Campers

"Every time I go new, exciting things happen! I love the christianity and comfort that it brings. All the counselors are fun and filled with kindness. There's all kinds of fun events planned... Horseback riding, Go carts, Waterpark, Zoo, Archery, and lots of other fun.  I hope everyone chooses this camp and loves it as much as I do!" Madisson B., Camper

"I love the friends and the people I meet at Camp.  I always enjoy my counselor - I just have always loved them....like, they take you in and you all listen and share all week.  It's amazing. The time when my mom picks me up every year is sad and happy - I'm glad to see her but I always cry when I leave cause it's so sad to leave everyone there. Camp K has really changed me - like I want to go there every year because I love it so much." - Adam S., Camper

"I have been in Camp Kulaqua since I was a baby. The summer Camp is better. The weather is hot and so much people to meet…The food is amazing and there is so much activities… like swimming, horseback riding, canoeing, archery and so much more… but my favorite is the Tower of Faith. But Camp Kulaqua is not only the fun, but it is also connecting to God and being a close friend to Him. They have worship every morning and night with great songs and stories….that can really change your life. You can also be baptized there… I can go on and on talk about camp Kulaqua and I am looking forward to see you there. Sign up and you won’t regret it!" -Juliane V., Camper

Our Parents

"Camp K is a place where I know my kids will spend a week away from home in a Christian environment with a loving, caring staff.  I know my kids are enjoying being with friends, making new friends, enjoying new activities and, best of all, they may meet Jesus there!  Camp K has been a part of our families summer activities for a few years now, and every year in planning our summer, Camp K is at the top of our list!" Bonnie S., Parent

"Camp Kulaqua is my grown up camp. I was a camper as soon as I was old enough and gave my heart to Jesus early in my life. I started working at camp as soon as I was old enough. When I had kids and started thinking about sending them to camp, I decided to volunteer as nurse for a summer. That has now turned into 7 summers as camp nurse at Camp Kulaqua. I love seeing campers and staff transformed by the love of Jesus. Long term friendships start, I've adopted many children over the years. I've also seen marriages form and families start. I'm blessed to be able to work in a place where I can use my nursing skills to help others in a fun environment. I hope that camp will always be a part of my life." Melinda G., Parent/Staff

"Both my daughters have attended Camp Kulaqua and it has had a positive impact on them both. I saw growth in their spiritual lives and watched as they both grew closer to Christ. Both have returned to work as staff here. It is a place of wonderful memories for my girls, as well as on our whole family." Ed S., Parent

Our Staff

"Camp Kulaqua humbled me. I realized that a job so honorable, and so important as that of camp staff is not something any of us are worthy of filling. This camp showed me beyond a shadow of a doubt that God faithfully qualifies the called!" -Erica G., Wisconsin, Staff Member

"Kulaqua was my place of growth. Every summer I went in thinking God was going to use me for these kids only, and every summer God would use the kids, staff and this wonderful place I call my second home to help me grow. I spent so many summers there and hold it so close to my heart. Every summer was a learning experience. Not to mention the many friendships with both staff and campers that till this day you keep and cherish." -Lady J., Florida, Staff Member

"Camp Kulaqua has been a home away from home for my entire life. It has been a special place for my family for generations. From attending family camp, to being a camper, to becoming staff myself. I still remember my first counselor when I was in Tween camp. Camp Kulaqua not only stays with us for a lifetime, but we get the blessing of being a part of its life." Nichole S., Alaska, Staff Member

"Camp Kulaqua is a huge blessing. It gave me the opportunity to grow as a leader and to learn more about God in many different ways. The staff and campers made a huge impact in my life and I wouldn't exchange it for anything." Fa N., Texas, Staff Member

"Ever since I was a camper at Camp Kulaqua I knew I always wanted to be a staff member here . The day after I graduated from high school I fulfilled those aspirations. Now with my 5th summer coming up I can't wait to see what God has in store for me . This camp touches so many people including the people that work here I have made life long friends and connections in fellow staff members and campers alike. I have grown as a person and as a child of God ." Jon M., Tennessee, Staff Member

"Being a staff member at Camp Kulaqua helped me become the person I am today. I hope that is a person who values the souls of others and wants to show Jesus through kindness, compassion, love, creativity, and fun! The memories I made there in 6 summers will last a lifetime!" Katie J., Tennessee, Staff Member 

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